The Great Aussie Bullsh!t Experiment

Frank Health Insurance has a no-nonsense and honest approach to their business, we like to call it a no B.S. policy. We wanted to produce a social campaign that not only lived up to this but also further established their position of cutting out the B.S. when it comes to health insurance.

Idea (and hypothesis)
We have faith in people’s inner Bullsh!tometer, and to help prove it, we wanted to test whether they knew when someone was pulling their leg. We created the Facebook app ‘The Great Aussie Bullsh!t Experiment’. It contained videos of people telling stories of varying outlandish scales. Some true… and some complete codswallop.

The process was simple

1. Watch the video
2. Choose whether you think the person was telling porkies or not.

The gauntlet was thrown down and over four weeks we posted ten Bullsh!t experiments. Once you watched the video and gave your answer, the app would instantly tell you whether you go it right or wrong, the percentage of what people chose and the gender breakdown. It also gave users the ability to match their results against their mates. Plus, each vote registered the entrant to win an extreme experience, with a HD camera to capture it on – just so their mates can’t call bullshit.



Through lots of fun content and posts (including tips from the FBI on how to spot a fibber) we were able to connect with the Frank community, drive traffic to the experiment and make our brand story as engaging as the stories themselves.



Campaign results
123,445,678 Experiments taken*
72,456,355 Fist pumps*
Facebook ‘Fans’ increased by 51%.
Over 8 million impressions delivered.
Over 3 million Facebook users saw some type of Frank content during the campaign period.
Enormous increase in engaged users with a whopping 52 times the normal number.

*This result may or may not be bullsh!t.


Screen Shot 2013-07-25 at 11.23.46 AM

A Royal son is born

Who needs Will and Kate when our very own royal baby was born today to proud parents Andrew and Alex.

Freddie Fox Siwka arrived this afternoon to much delight, weighing 8.5 lb, long and skinny with lots of hair. More than dad we’re guessing.

Congrats from all your friends at The Royals – can’t wait to meet him.


Royals Housewarming Video Wrap

On March 2, 2012 we opened our doors to a few hundred of our closest friends. Our housewarming was a great way for The Royals to shake and bake with clients, mates and rockstars. Revelry ensued. Here is ocular proof:

Thanks to everyone who turned up, and for those who couldn’t make it, please do drop by and say hi. We’re here all week.

2012: And We’re Off.

Today we’re announcing several new business wins following the relaunch of the agency just a few months ago.  Since myself, Nick and Andrew joined Dave and The Royals we’ve managed to pick up several new accounts including: :  The Royals have been appointed as digital strategy agency of record for one of Australia’s leading real estate portals.

Crumpler :  The Royals have been appointed as Crumpler’s creative agency of record.

Mossimo :  The Royals have been engaged by Brand Collective to work with the streetwear label, Mossimo, to deliver digital innovation for specific product campaigns. (Europe’s second largest hotel room booking site):  The Royals have been appointed to develop the company’s integrated launch campaign here in Oz.

Moneytribe :  The Royals have been engaged to design and launch a new financial services mobile social product.

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