Format-hacking for Jetstar

This is just a post about one post. We work closely with a bunch of our clients on big, small and tiny ideas for social. With Jetstar, we run campaigns, create ‘campaignlettes’ and continually try new content formats and ideas.

Recently, we created an Instagram ad that asked users to screenshot a rapidly-moving animated image to randomly choose where they should go on a holiday next. Kinda destination roulette. People loved it! By using an interaction that is used everyday by people on their mobiles, but not actually embedded in Instagram iteself, we created a really novel way for people to engage with the brand and their travel dreams.


Simple, tiny fun. That worked.

– Over 485,000 consumers reached over the 3 days
– 850 clicks to the website
– 6,400 likes across 3 days and almost 100 re-grams
– Almost 500 comments, a few such as:  ‘Super clever concept – well done Jetstar’, ‘Love this. Great marketing Jetstar’, ‘Very strategic move – bravo to the marketing team’, ‘Best marketing campaign by an airline I’ve seen’.

Sometime’s it’s the little things. Hit play and screenshot the below. Where you off to next?





Jetstar Pass the Parcel

To help the Jetstar celebrate its recent tenth birthday, we set in motion an emotive party game and followed as the gift of flights was delivered around the world.

The video captured Jetstar cabin crew playing the ultimate game of pass the parcel, delivering surprise domestic and international flights to unsuspecting members of the public in Melbourne, Tokyo, the Gold Coast and Queenstown.

The pass the parcel adventure began when the Jetstar Facebook community was asked whom they thought most deserved a free flight. After hundreds of comments, the most popular response was a hard-working nurse and so an unwitting nurse taking a break opposite the Alfred Hospital Melbourne triggered the gift-giving chain.

The Jetstar cabin crew presented her with a glowing orange box containing a free flight voucher and she was asked to set a challenge to whom she would like to pass the parcel onto next.

Throughout the journey, Jetstar was challenged to track down a myriad of characters from a man in a leather jacket, a mother pushing a pram, someone with a big smile as well as a family. Whatever the challenge, Jetstar found them and passed the parcel once more.



Prosecco Rainbow – Serve with sunshine

Summer was on its way and Coles Liquor asked us to remind people that this summer Prosecco was the drink to be had. After creating the line “Serve with sunshine”, we moved on to create an online campaign based around an experiment where several friends set out to create their very own rainbow.

The Jetstar “Thank You Department”

People often use social media to highlight a negative. Jetstar wanted to bring a bit of positivity back to social media, so we created the Jetstar Thank You department. The “Thank You Department” gives us the opportunity to proactively find and shine light on our biggest fans.

The Thank You Department means Jetstar can build positive conversations and brand sentiment while strengthening customer service.

Using Instagram, we track users uploading images hashtagged #jetstar or #jetstaraustralia. A bit of a scroll through their photos means we get a sneak peak into their interests and passions on a personal level. This allows us to buy them a personalised gift and write them a little note before it’s delivered by post to their address – a really unexpected and pleasant surprise in our very digital world.








Jimmy’s Alibi

This is the story of Souvas for Favours. 

How do you make your customers do your kid’s homework, put bets on for you at the track, or even provide you with an alibi? You give them an offer they can’t refuse.

Our brief was to create and maintain a connection with the local community.

We had the task of launching Jimmy Grants. Named after rhyming slang for immigrants with an ethos around the playful and cheeky attitude of old school migrant Australia.

To kick it off, we got our hands on a dodgy phone and set up a number.

Then, through posters in the local area and social networks we released the offer with Jimmy’s number asking punters to text ‘I’m in if u r”.

The response was instant. With 100s of people texting trying to take up the offer within the first few hours.

It got so big we had to let people know Jimmy was all favoured out.  But punters were almost begging to be a part of it, even sending us suggestions for what they’d do.

There were even some naughty pics.

But, for the semi-lucky few who were accepted, we sent out the staunchest of vouchers – a hand-written contract on a serviette.

A few mildly threatening reminders came before hand and then… it was time to start calling in our favours.

First, we had customers filling in for a soccer team. We had them helping grandmas with their groceries, putting bets on, bringing us a jerry can, giving dating advice, sorting us mix tapes, relaying murky and cryptic messages to third parties, telling us what clothes to wear, doing our kid’s homework, helping us pull a sickie, doing actual work for us, telling people to quickly get to the airport, We even got customers to give Jimmy an alibi….

The unique banter with our customers changed our relationship from a commercial, to a fun and personal one.  All by creating a dialogue and connection built for longevity. Oh, and speaking of that. Jimmy is still owed about 20 favours. So, what are you going to do when Jimmy comes for you?








Our “FLUX: Disruption” event video coverage

FLUX is a series of moderated panels that includes some of Australia’s highest profile business people primarily sourced from the media, marketing, investor and entrepreneurial communities. The first FLUX ‘episode’ was focussed on disruption. What is it, can you resist, can you use it? Where is it happening now and next?In terms of format; think Q&A meets Insight.

Here are some conversational vignettes:

The panel included:

• Bruce Buchanan, CEO ROKT, Ex-CEO Jetstar
• Andrew Jaspan, Founder of The Conversation, Ex-Editor of The Age
• Ed Smith, Executive Director, Sales and Marketing, Foxtel
• Grace McQuilton, Co-Founder of The Social Studio
• Chris Hitchen, Founder
• Dave King, Innovation Director, The Royals

Thanks to everyone who came along. It was a great night with lively conversation and many interesting ideas came to the surface.

Let Claire know if you’d like to be invited to the next event.

Liquorland Craft beer and cider month

We dedicated one month to a range content in order to position Liquorland as having a diverse range of craft beer & cider. Throughout March we invited punters to get to know their fave brews a little better.  We used a crafty illustration style to bring these image and video clips to life in a refreshingly quirky way.




Abbott’s Internet

For the 2013 Federal Election, The Royals were appointed by the Australian Labor Party as its creative-digital and social agency. We delivered a vast range of work from tightly targeted and localised messaging to bigger, creative campaigns.

One of the major policy issues being debated in the 2013 Australian Federal Election was the Labor and Liberal parties opposing views on broadband infrastructure. Australians need to understand the extent to which we lag behind the rest of the world with internet speeds, infrastructure and services. Aussies already have a cultural cringe about being seen as second fiddle to the rest of the world. We needed to demonstrate that only the Australian Labor Party had a plan to address this. The ALP’s NBN plan is an investment in Australia’s future. But it appeared the Coalition wanted to keep us in the dark ages. Tony Abbott and the Liberals insisted that their 25Mbps broadband would be all that Australians would ever need. We weren’t so sure.

So to get a ‘second opinion’, we created a branded product called Abbott’s Internet. It was positioned like any other typical internet provider. We then sought to describe its benefits to people from different countries to gauge their reaction to the offering. We used the real attributes of The Coalition’s broadband plan and tried and sell it to people overseas. We created Facebook ads that were targeted at people from The US, Hong Kong, Andorra, Romania, Czech Republic and more. We also hit the streets in a few different global cities in our efforts to pitch the Coalition’s policy to locals. The reactions were incredibly compelling, both on Facebook and in the live video we captured. Here’s the outcome:


Significantly, we created the whole campaign – from concept to launch – in 8 days, such is the turnaround time required during a fast-paced election where policies need to be communicated quickly and widely. The results speak for themselves:

YouTube: 994,050 video views 

Twitter Reach: 8.5m+ impressions

Twitter Virality  8,229 Tweets: original, retweets, replies.

AI Website : 180k visits

The campaign received local and global coverage from being lead story on the Sydney Morning Herald to coverage on Al Jazeera! This campaign has been described as a game-changing by everyone from the senior ministers to ‘Team Obama’ consultants from Blue State Digital that came out for the election. One of the things that helped the idea hit home was that by creating a fake brand out of the policy issue, we were able to objectify and package up the opposition’s perspective in a way that people could understand and digest. In doing so we were able to invoke more a more passionate response than every day campaigning might have. And for a short time, we made the election entertaining.

Screen Shot 2013-09-19 at 10.47.27 AM

Oculus Rift + Game of Thrones + Social Data = ?

We wanted to create an exciting way to visualise the social data generated from social data around Game of Thrones. We used data from twitter gathered with their Streaming APIs and processed with the real time computation library Storm to display a 3d visualisation using Unity3D to display to a user using an Oculus Rift.

To efficiently gather conversations about GoT we built an application that could access in real time to Twitter’s global stream of tweet data. To process and filter the large amount of data we used the Storm project library which transforms a stream of tweets into a stream of trending topics. Combined with a machine learning toolkit for the processing of natural language text we were able to filter top GoT related topics.

To identify trending topics we used multiple metrics:
Time: to be considered as trending a topic had to be mentioned in conversations not older than 15 minutes.
Popularity: a score was calculated on author popularity based on followers, number of retweets, number of favorites and conversation size.


We represented each of the trending topics on twitter using 3d cities. The amount of buildings and their height are used as a representation of their relative popularity compared to each other. Larger and taller cities represent more mentions of that topic.

Using the oculus rift we wanted to take the user on a flight over each of these cities similar to the GoT intro, seeing each of the cities grow out of the ground as the user passes over them. The user is moved over the cities on rails (along a set path) with the ability to look up, down and around at the cities and landscape which is procedurally generated around them.

Using familiar elements from the tv show we believe we have made an engaging way of understanding data.



Stronger Together – Teach For Australia

Stronger Together was a social media campaign that we helped launch for Teach for Australia.

The Challenge
The campaign aimed to create a conversation about the educational gap in Australia. TFA wanted a social idea that could build awareness around the fact that there is a lot of young talent out there in the community, if only everyone were equally given the same opportunities.

Working with students from Hume Secondary College we created a tailorable online film clip. The students performed and starred in the clip. It provided a fresh way to get their message across, with visitors to the site able to interact by providing their own thoughts on the issue within the video. The idea allowed us to celebrate the impact TFA are having in the community as well as giving an engaging mechanism to educate the broader population about the TFA program. The campaign wouldn’t have been possible without the fantastic and generous help of director Matt Wilson and musical director James Cecil from Level 2 Records.

See the campaign here.