Notching up some awards and recognition

It’s been a busy few months at The Royals with new clients, new projects and new Royals joining our ranks. Among all the hard work, we’re pleased to report we’ve made the B&T Independent Agency of the Year shortlist against established players such as The Monkeys, The Works, The Hallway, Cummins & Partners and Affinity. Some of these guys have been around much longer than us so we’re pleased to be included in such esteemed company.

The B&T Awards winners will be announced on 18 November and we’re looking forward to a great night out, whether we get up on stage or not.

The B&T shortlisting follows our win of Silver and Bronze at Spikes Asia for our “Stress Break” campaign for Deakin University, which helped year 12 students beat exam stress by ordering four quirky characters to smash various objects in a real-time online stream.

And we were also a finalist at the Effies and the upcoming ADMA AC&E Awards and BE Fest Awards.

Awards are an important measure of success in our industry, and an effective means of raising the bar and inspiring us all to continue to create cutting edge work that delivers results for our clients. So, well done Royals team for creating work that makes a difference and gets noticed. This is a total agency achievement, and something we are all proud of.


Tell it to the lights

Here’s something. We love our Lifx lights, but we thought, “wouldn’t it be great if we could talk to them? So..

Introducing “Tell it to the lights”. Simply email and our kitchen lights will flash and blink and colour themselves based on the mood of your message. Because they listen. And they care.

Having a bad day? Let the lights knows. Pumped about getting your work finished? Tell it to the lights. Feel like sending an email, but deep down, you know it really shouldn’t be read by a human? The lights will hear you.

Try it out.

How it works: We set up a service that monitors the email address and then passes all content through a sentiment analysis API called “Tweet Sentiment API” (made for Twitter, obviously, but you can push anything through it). Then we made Maker Recipes on IFTTT to trigger our Lifx lights based on the mood expressed in the email message.

Heaps of fun :)

Paul and Dave



Candy From Strangers

Marketing in a world going anonymous.

The growing number of impositions companies are making on people’s privacy and online detail, is slowly seeping into mainstream conversation. Every time Facebook or Instagram changes the way they handle people’s data or make a misstep, it chips away at our online openness. Continue reading

Royals Content Engineering Studio

Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 12.31.29 pm

Today, we’re announcing the launch and deployment of our Content Engineering Studio in the Melbourne office. This is the culmination of a couple of months of research and planning around directions in which The Royals could extend our service offering in light of emerging client requirements and consumer behaviour. Our capacity to create captivating social content has been well established for a while now, but now we have a service that provides Royals clients with agile, iterative marketing content for a variety of platforms. Formats include:

* Content with cultural resonance (leveraging real-time trends)
* Real time, newswire and rapid response
* Longform editorial
* Data visualisations and infographics
* Film and social mini-clips

In partnering with our programmatic platform providers, we are able to algorithmically ensure effectiveness and ROI via a on-going process of iterative optimisation. Additionally we are able to develop audiences and prospect pool so that we can distribute our messaging in the right place and right time.

The Content Engineering Studio is headed up by Dave King, our strategy director, and consists of social people, journalists and designers . A developer and film-maker are metres aways and able to drop in ad-hoc and ensure rapid turn around and deployment of content. It’s an exciting new endeavour that will allow our clients to maintain a near always-on distributed messaging presence and drive engagement outside and around key campaigns.

Welcome new Royal: Stephen Justice

We’re excited to announce Stephen Justice’s arrival. Stephen will be working with us on coming up with all sorts of ideas for our clients and writing lots of great words. He’s been an award-winning writer for a bunch of top agencies here and overseas and even has his work in the National film and sound archive and the National library of Victoria.

He also has a video on Youtube called “Funny Looking Cat” that has more than a million views.

Here’s a photo of Stephen applying for a job in the UK in disguise (long story):


Welcome, Justice!


A Royal son is born

Who needs Will and Kate when our very own royal baby was born today to proud parents Andrew and Alex.

Freddie Fox Siwka arrived this afternoon to much delight, weighing 8.5 lb, long and skinny with lots of hair. More than dad we’re guessing.

Congrats from all your friends at The Royals – can’t wait to meet him.


Royals Housewarming Video Wrap

On March 2, 2012 we opened our doors to a few hundred of our closest friends. Our housewarming was a great way for The Royals to shake and bake with clients, mates and rockstars. Revelry ensued. Here is ocular proof:

Thanks to everyone who turned up, and for those who couldn’t make it, please do drop by and say hi. We’re here all week.

Party people in the house tonight. Friday March 2.

Yes, it’s the warming of the Royals’ house tonight. It’s gonna be heaps of fun so bring your prancing shoes and a healthy appetite for revelry. There’ll be bountiful food and drink ..oh, and the music: pretty sure you’re gonna get a kick out of that too. Details are as follows:

You’re welcome from 6.30pm.
Main entertainment at 8pm (make sure you’re there well by then!)
Oh and it’s tonight: Friday March 2. 

Level 3, 105-115 Dover St. Richmond/Cremorne.

Any questions, try calling any of The Royals.. or if we don’t hear the phone ring over the filling of ice buckets or the quaffing of hair, shoot us an email to