The final Royals Summer House: Friday Feb 20th

In late 2014, we set out to create a series of cocktail-guzzling, sausage-snuggling, neighborhood-welcoming summer sessions. But we ended up doing so much more than that. And less, in some ways. But probably basically the exactly that. Now we’ve had two – and there’s one more. This Friday 4pm, Feb 20.

And here’s something else: at the last Royals Summer House session there was a guy who DJs around the place. So Steve was all like “Why don’t you DJ at our place”. And he’s like “Yes, I will”. So there’ll be someone else’s music this time (which is good if, last time, you got sick of trying to justify the Caribou-to-Phil Collins segue.)

So come along.

From 4pm. Friday February 20th.
Level 3, 105-115 Dover St.

See you there!