2014: A Royals Year in Review

2014 has been huge for us. We’ve loved working and playing with you all. Here are some highlights and some just, y’know ‘lights’. Have a fun break everyone and see you in 2015. We’re planing on launching a new Royals website sometime between July and November. Block that out in your diaries 😉


Dan became the fifth Royal partner. Giddyup!

We opened a Sydney Office.

Renae started. Professional. Makes cinnamon.

We played Pass the Parcel with Jetstar. All over Asia Pacific.

We continued to play dire music on Friday afternoons.

We did a project on our FAVOURITE TV show. Inc dragons.

We smashed a HEAP of guitars (and a few GoPros) at The Espy for Bulldog Gin.

Steve and Kate had twins. Like Mary-Kate and Ashley. Except not at all.

We traced tuna all over the place for John West. And made an awesome site so everybody else could too.

Gareth and Mikey started. Rock.

We initiated a Royals website redesign.

We added two new brands to our Campari stable.

Vyv started. Knows stuff.

Monika started. Calls us bitches.

We went to George Calombaris’s restaurants. Often. And we beat him at table tennis. A lot.

We live blogged SXSW for B&T. And saw Reggie Watts and Chuck Inglish and Kurt Vile.

We found Gav. Quietly subversive.

We launched a new travel brand for Fairfax.

We won Yellowglen work.

A truck backed into our LED sign. Mr. Siwka quietly sobbed in the stationery closet. Again.

We wound back time for Intel.

We made a mistake. Once I think. In July. It was a Tuesday.

We ran our second Flux event, this time in Sydney.

We continued to redesign our website.

We made more stuff for Frank. No bullshit.

We put up giant noodles in Hyde Park and Birrarung Marr for Fairfax.

We connected our light globes to Wifi. Phew.

We won a NSW Cancer Council pitch.

We did a heap of stuff with the Foundation for Young Australians.

Jessica started. Thank god.

We rebranded an iconic event for Fairfax.

Scorcha started. Clever.

Alberto joined. Dan, in attempting to welcome him in Spanish, called him ‘Carrots’ (I think).

We did some cray stuff with MTV Music.

We drank Lindemans. Oh and helped them tell their story.

We hit the Spring Racing Carnival hard with Treasury Wine Estates.

We continued to redesign our website.

We didn’t win a pitch for a car brand. They’re stupid little shitboxes anyway :(

We won WhitePages.

We filmed a guy in the forest for Glen Grant. The guy does a sick Scottish accent. Seriously. You won’t believe he’s not from there. Unless you’re from there, of course.

Vyv made it through three seasons of West Wing. Note: this is Mr. Siwka’s favourite show of all time. Bar none.

Hugh started. Impressive.

Paul started. The bike.

Nicole had a Christmas party. We watched.

We had our first Open/Summer/Whatever House.

We realised we have a lot of booze clients.

We paid user testers to bag our work.

We worked out we’d made 102.4 months of social content for clients. That’s 4.4 years on Mars.

Mr. Cummins flew North.

Michael ‘visual’ Candy hacked our 1960s, textile factory speakers to play our song from a button on the wall.

Update: AND.. we won a big pitch on the last working day of 2014, and our new client was the first to hit the button on the wall!




Royals Summer House

Over summer The Royals are opening their doors to the neighbourhood, for some laid back tunes, a cocktail or two and some general revelry. We would love to have you pop by and say g’day.