Bulldog Gin “Guitar Smash”

Today we helped Campari Brands launch their latest entrant into the Australian Spirits Market, Bulldog Gin.

Drawing on a combination of the brand’s uniquely defiant attitude and its London Dry Gin heritage, the social campaign is a nod to the 50th Anniversary of Pete Townsend smashing his guitar at The Who’s London Railway Hotel gig.

To celebrate that moment, and stamp its own unique personality on the burgeoning Gin market, Bulldog created a live event featuring a series of local guitarists who all finished their sets with their own signature high impact conclusions. The footage captured was then used to create a well of content which is being seeded through a bunch of social channels and being consumed (!) by potential gin drinkers. Check out some of the action below… That’s The Spirit!

Candy From Strangers

Marketing in a world going anonymous.

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