Open Field Issue Three: Download today!

Download Open Field Issue Three from the iTunes App Store.

Why? Because for a small price you can enjoy a wonderful publication (to read on iPhone or iPad) that showcases writing and art from across the globe, knowing your money goes to support the charity CARE.

The Royals have a particular passion for understanding the opportunities for change and disruption that the internet offers. That’s why we publish Open FieldOpen Field uses digital publishing and distribution to drive awareness of CARE’s valuable work, help them raise funds, and share the work of the incredible women featured in each issue. It’s rewarding to work on a project that offers the reader value as well as, in small way, helping to combat global poverty.

Issue Three features:

Artists Wangechi Mutu and Jongmee
Stella Prize winner Clare Wright
Poet and performer Kate Tempest
Yemen Times Editor Nadia Al-Sakkaf
Vogue and New York Times Magazine writer Elizabeth Weil
Rabbi Susan Silverman
and more…

For more info, head to or just head straight into the App Store to grab your copy.

Royals Content Engineering Studio

Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 12.31.29 pm

Today, we’re announcing the launch and deployment of our Content Engineering Studio in the Melbourne office. This is the culmination of a couple of months of research and planning around directions in which The Royals could extend our service offering in light of emerging client requirements and consumer behaviour. Our capacity to create captivating social content has been well established for a while now, but now we have a service that provides Royals clients with agile, iterative marketing content for a variety of platforms. Formats include:

* Content with cultural resonance (leveraging real-time trends)
* Real time, newswire and rapid response
* Longform editorial
* Data visualisations and infographics
* Film and social mini-clips

In partnering with our programmatic platform providers, we are able to algorithmically ensure effectiveness and ROI via a on-going process of iterative optimisation. Additionally we are able to develop audiences and prospect pool so that we can distribute our messaging in the right place and right time.

The Content Engineering Studio is headed up by Dave King, our strategy director, and consists of social people, journalists and designers . A developer and film-maker are metres aways and able to drop in ad-hoc and ensure rapid turn around and deployment of content. It’s an exciting new endeavour that will allow our clients to maintain a near always-on distributed messaging presence and drive engagement outside and around key campaigns.

Jetstar Pass the Parcel

To help the Jetstar celebrate its recent tenth birthday, we set in motion an emotive party game and followed as the gift of flights was delivered around the world.

The video captured Jetstar cabin crew playing the ultimate game of pass the parcel, delivering surprise domestic and international flights to unsuspecting members of the public in Melbourne, Tokyo, the Gold Coast and Queenstown.

The pass the parcel adventure began when the Jetstar Facebook community was asked whom they thought most deserved a free flight. After hundreds of comments, the most popular response was a hard-working nurse and so an unwitting nurse taking a break opposite the Alfred Hospital Melbourne triggered the gift-giving chain.

The Jetstar cabin crew presented her with a glowing orange box containing a free flight voucher and she was asked to set a challenge to whom she would like to pass the parcel onto next.

Throughout the journey, Jetstar was challenged to track down a myriad of characters from a man in a leather jacket, a mother pushing a pram, someone with a big smile as well as a family. Whatever the challenge, Jetstar found them and passed the parcel once more.