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The Royals Dial Up Rock Credentials to 11

“Management of The Royals in-house band Ill Wind are today happy to announce that Mikey Tucker, Gareth Sweet and Renae Englert have joined the group. Lead saxophonist Steve O’Farrell said it will be great to have the newbs as part of the lineup and he was comfortable that the band was now moving on from just woodwind instruments. Band co-founder Nick Cummins was also excited saying “Soon we’ll have more band members than the Polyphonic Spree!” He also muttered something about the harmonica not being a woodwind instrument.

Mikey and Gareth will be spending down time in the Royals creative department working on both Melbourne and Sydney clients.When asked about joining Ill Wind and the Royals, both Mikey and Gareth stated that they had been big fans of the band’s earlier work during their jazz-improv period and hoped to help it return to those heady days. As Account Director, Renae’s vocal stylings will bring the right kind of accent to the band’s harmonic credentials and her much-touted bass playing will also.. be.. there. Fans of the band and the agency seemed to have taken the news well as there have been no registered complaints.”


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