This is the story of Souvas for Favours. 

How do you make your customers do your kid’s homework, put bets on for you at the track, or even provide you with an alibi? You give them an offer they can’t refuse.

Our brief was to create and maintain a connection with the local community.

We had the task of launching Jimmy Grants. Named after rhyming slang for immigrants with an ethos around the playful and cheeky attitude of old school migrant Australia.

To kick it off, we got our hands on a dodgy phone and set up a number.

Then, through posters in the local area and social networks we released the offer with Jimmy’s number asking punters to text ‘I’m in if u r”.

The response was instant. With 100s of people texting trying to take up the offer within the first few hours.

It got so big we had to let people know Jimmy was all favoured out.  But punters were almost begging to be a part of it, even sending us suggestions for what they’d do.

There were even some naughty pics.

But, for the semi-lucky few who were accepted, we sent out the staunchest of vouchers – a hand-written contract on a serviette.

A few mildly threatening reminders came before hand and then… it was time to start calling in our favours.

First, we had customers filling in for a soccer team. We had them helping grandmas with their groceries, putting bets on, bringing us a jerry can, giving dating advice, sorting us mix tapes, relaying murky and cryptic messages to third parties, telling us what clothes to wear, doing our kid’s homework, helping us pull a sickie, doing actual work for us, telling people to quickly get to the airport, We even got customers to give Jimmy an alibi….

The unique banter with our customers changed our relationship from a commercial, to a fun and personal one.  All by creating a dialogue and connection built for longevity. Oh, and speaking of that. Jimmy is still owed about 20 favours. So, what are you going to do when Jimmy comes for you?








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