Since that famous “Oreo Moment” that turned a Super Bowl blackout into a dubious marketing trend, more brands seem to have failed than succeeded at engaging in the ‘real time’ convo. Not surprising then that one of the first digital marketing panels at SXSW14 saw the coming together of Heads of Social Media from companies such as McDonalds, Dell, Whole Foods and Capital One to discuss the ins and outs of topical social.  Key themes included:

1. Social CRM should not be outsourced to the select few.  Instead of having a “social team”, companies should have a “social organisation” with everyone responsible for engaging with customers via social.

2. Constant and ongoing connection with customers is preferable over ‘one-off’ campaign impact.

3. Brands should aim to occupy the sweet spot that exists between consumer conversations and brand stories. In other words, brands should connect with people around things they’re passionate about but also have some relevance to the brands themselves.

4. If you want to create a social organisation that’s capable of responding in real time then you have to accept the risk it presents.
You can’t stop all issues from ever happening. All you can do is put plans in place to mitigate the impact when the inevitable happens.

It was inspiring to hear how some of the world’s most influential marketers – many of whom are responsible for multi billion dollar brands – are thriving in their use of real-time social media strategies.  Surely we can too.. (?)

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