If you ever get to speak at SxSW, firstly well done. Secondly make sure you have a short punchy title for your event. I just came from Chade-Meng Tan’s speech on make yourself the happiest person on earth. It was packed. Tan was an early programmer at Google and invented his own title of Jolly good fellow when he moved in to the area of staff mindfulness at Google. He didn’t tell HR about his new title on his business card as he really wanted them to deny him. Which they didn’t. So now he truly is the jolly good fellow that nobody can deny.

Tan’s talk was great he spoke about ways to settle our increasingly busy minds in a hyper connected world. Some tips that make so much sense. Stress and failure are just physical feelings like banging your foot.Meditation is incredible but many of us don’t believe in it. He used the analogy that if you didn’t know about exercise and someone told you if you lift this weight over and over it will build strength, change the shape of your body, lead to a healthier life you would go No way!. Meditation is the same, small exercises that eventually lead to a peaceful mind and happiness along with many other health benefits. He was a great guy working with the likes of Obama and the Dalai Lama and I cant wait to bring back some of his teachings to the rest of the Royals. I recommend buying his book, I will be: http://www.amazon.com/Chade-Meng-Tan/e/B0060EG5EA


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