10 Really Interesting Games on Kickstarter Right Now

There’s a lot of ongoing jibber jabber at The Royals about indie games so we recently said to Rich (a righteous Royal, developer and game-maker).. “Hey Rich, what’s floating your boat right now when it comes to games on Kickstater?”. So he put together this list of games worth checking out and even included notes on where some of the developers live (I think that’s only because he, not-so-sectretly, wants to live in Indie House mentioned below).

Check ’em out. Maybe one or two could make good stocking fillers for friends and family who are waaay over their new PS4 or Xbox One by Christmas:

by Stephen Swink
This game is a first person 3d puzzler where you shrink and grow objects your shrink gun, seems like it gives you a lot of freedom about what you can shrink and the worlds seem to be made up of islands of ‘things’ that may make it too simple and although you may be able to shrink and grow anything there may be limits on what objects are available at any time. The art look pretty good, nice colours.

Stephen Swink lives at Indie House in Vancouver, a share house full of indie games developers. He has developed a number of ‘art’ games and written the book ‘Game Feel: A Game Designer’s Guide to Virtual Sensation’. He also was one of the keynote speakers at the 2013 Freeplay Independent Games Festival in Melbourne.

Night in the woods
by Alec Holowka
Scott Benson
Night in the woods is a 2d adventure platformer, it seems to be heavily narrative driven with humor mixed in with serious issues “Waste time around town with your crew of loser friends”.

Alec lives at Indie House and usually collaborates with someone else (this time Scott Benson) when making games. He is probably best known for collaborating with Derek Yu on Aquarea. He also hosts a podcast where he interviews other game developers.

Rebuild Gangs of Deadsville
by Sarah Northway
A top down strategic survival game where you have to secure safe territories while zombies are attacking. This is a bigger version of the mobile game Rebuild 2 which is a sequel to the flash game Rebuild.Sarah and her husband travel the world, stay in one place for a while and move on all the while making games.

Chain Gang Chase
8 player co-op game, looks like a lot of mad fun trying to coordinate everybody to move around. Seems like it could feel the same way as a slowed down Super Space ____.

Realistic environment survival game, looks good. Not sure how the gameplay will be though. Environments really look nice.

Knight & the Ghost Light
Stop motion style, again looks nice, but not sure if the gameplay will be any good. Not sure why they didn’t make a movie as stop motion

by Samantha Kalman
Music puzzle game. Clean interface, cool music, could be too simple a game.
Samantha works at Unity and plays the Nintendo DS in a band.


Gravity Ghost
by Erin Robinson
Radial gravity fun!

Nuclear Throne (Wasteland Kings)
by Vlambeer
Crazy top down shoot‘em up. Very Vlambeer style.


Secrets of Raetikon
Cool art style, control a bird, not sure how the controls will be.


Mighty No. 9 (finished)

Hyper Light Drifter (finished)