For the 2013 Federal Election, The Royals were appointed by the Australian Labor Party as its creative-digital and social agency. We delivered a vast range of work from tightly targeted and localised messaging to bigger, creative campaigns.

One of the major policy issues being debated in the 2013 Australian Federal Election was the Labor and Liberal parties opposing views on broadband infrastructure. Australians need to understand the extent to which we lag behind the rest of the world with internet speeds, infrastructure and services. Aussies already have a cultural cringe about being seen as second fiddle to the rest of the world. We needed to demonstrate that only the Australian Labor Party had a plan to address this. The ALP’s NBN plan is an investment in Australia’s future. But it appeared the Coalition wanted to keep us in the dark ages. Tony Abbott and the Liberals insisted that their 25Mbps broadband would be all that Australians would ever need. We weren’t so sure.

So to get a ‘second opinion’, we created a branded product called Abbott’s Internet. It was positioned like any other typical internet provider. We then sought to describe its benefits to people from different countries to gauge their reaction to the offering. We used the real attributes of The Coalition’s broadband plan and tried and sell it to people overseas. We created Facebook ads that were targeted at people from The US, Hong Kong, Andorra, Romania, Czech Republic and more. We also hit the streets in a few different global cities in our efforts to pitch the Coalition’s policy to locals. The reactions were incredibly compelling, both on Facebook and in the live video we captured. Here’s the outcome:


Significantly, we created the whole campaign – from concept to launch – in 8 days, such is the turnaround time required during a fast-paced election where policies need to be communicated quickly and widely. The results speak for themselves:

YouTube: 994,050 video views 

Twitter Reach: 8.5m+ impressions

Twitter Virality  8,229 Tweets: original, retweets, replies.

AI Website : 180k visits

The campaign received local and global coverage from being lead story on the Sydney Morning Herald to coverage on Al Jazeera! This campaign has been described as a game-changing by everyone from the senior ministers to ‘Team Obama’ consultants from Blue State Digital that came out for the election. One of the things that helped the idea hit home was that by creating a fake brand out of the policy issue, we were able to objectify and package up the opposition’s perspective in a way that people could understand and digest. In doing so we were able to invoke more a more passionate response than every day campaigning might have. And for a short time, we made the election entertaining.

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