Our great friend and photographer extraordinaire Chris Budgeon has been selected as one of the world’s top 200 advertising photographers by Lurzer’s Archive. What’s even more exciting for us is that his submission included two shots he took whilst overseas with the Royals and World Vision where he was instrumental in bringing our new brand campaign to life. Congratulations Chris.




One thought on “Nice Work Chris

  1. This blog is firstly BRILLIANT IMFORMATIVE and these pic’s are FANTASTIC!!!!
    Chris Budgeon .. CONGRATS!!
    I was actually looking up your company profile as you advertised a job I just saw on seek.com
    I am impressed and what a great bunch of people you appear to be, leaving little doubt we’d be a great mix.
    I shall forward on my CV this evening.
    I worked in TV Film Media over 13 years ago for 4 years and loved it. I was based in Sydney’s East.
    I have since moved to funky Melbourne and love it.
    Keep up the work.

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