Stronger Together – Teach For Australia

Stronger Together was a social media campaign that we helped launch for Teach for Australia.

The Challenge
The campaign aimed to create a conversation about the educational gap in Australia. TFA wanted a social idea that could build awareness around the fact that there is a lot of young talent out there in the community, if only everyone were equally given the same opportunities.

Working with students from Hume Secondary College we created a tailorable online film clip. The students performed and starred in the clip. It provided a fresh way to get their message across, with visitors to the site able to interact by providing their own thoughts on the issue within the video. The idea allowed us to celebrate the impact TFA are having in the community as well as giving an engaging mechanism to educate the broader population about the TFA program. The campaign wouldn’t have been possible without the fantastic and generous help of director Matt Wilson and musical director James Cecil from Level 2 Records.

See the campaign here.



World Vision Australia brand campaign

If you asked the person on the street what came to mind when they thought of World Vision they’d probably answer “child sponsorship in African countries”. World Vision is so much more than that. They work in countries across the globe (including Australia) covering areas such as counseling, advocacy, land rights, and disaster relief.

World Vision understood that as a market leader in an increasingly competitive category they needed to be brave when re-articulating their brand. They needed to find a way to tell the broader story of their development model and the successful, sustainable and perpetual outcomes it delivered. And lastly, they wanted the public to realise they did more than provide food aid in one region.

We don’t just give. We invest.

The Power of investing
This articulation of their business enabled us to creatively show the large scale, sustainable difference World Vision makes through their community development model. Where giving to communities that are affected by poverty is generous and might provide a quick fix, an investment is focused on long-term success. This is essentially what World Vision does. They invest time and effort in addressing and preventing the root causes of poverty, immersing themselves in the field and working hand-in-hand with those living with injustice.


The brand campaign was launched nationally with television, digital advertising, rich media content and a social campaign serving to drive consumers to the hero microsite. The site delivers a deep and rich content experience displaying evidence of life-changing success and ways to get involved. It contains heartfelt stories from people like Sophal – a man affected by a landmine in Cambodia – describing his marriage ceremony: “There was no music – we just held one another’s hands. We loved each other”. A truly moving story.

Yes, giving is generous, but investing is what’s life changing.

See The Difference here.



We’re Pumping up the Gem Jam!

A couple of weeks ago Rich, our much accomplished iOS developer here at The Royals, released an awesome new iPhone puzzler called Gem Jam. The game is seriously fun (is that a thing?) chock full of colourful combos and powerups. Oh and it’s a buck. ONE BUCK! Get in there, download it and see if you can beat our best scores.. (hint: you’ll need more than 3000 points to even rank :).

Find out more about Gem Jam here (press kit, images etc)

Or grab the game for yourself right now..

Welcome new Royal: Tommy McCubbin

Tommy “New” McCubbin has just joined The Royals this week as Super Creative (perceived title only). He’s done lots of great digital and Ad stuff at Clememger BBDO and Ogilvy etc but more importantly has an App Store thing called ShitChat (see it here) that he made with @robertfcoleman. That’s a bit special.

Tommy enjoys watching Nat Geo Channel (ad free), playing pitch and putt and buying domain names. And one day, when he was a kid he answered the phone and it was Steven Seagal (true story).

Steven is below, Tommy is above.