With Friday’s announcement regarding the impending launch of Facebook Home, we mobile users are now getting all lathered up about the possibilities of Facebook leaking out its app into every orifice of our phone. No more will we need to tediously tap an icon to see our friends every update and photo: it will allow bubble to the surface in beautiful Chrome-less form when we’re not looking (Battery life, watch out). Facebook is taking advantage of the openness of Android’s architecture if trying to provide a differentiated experience not possible on iOS and trying to evolve its mobile, social environment to be more in line with the way people use Facebook on the go (read: lots of messaging, very little ‘app’ interactivity).

But, of course, this service is ‘free’. And, as such, comes with more than a few concerns about privacy, given Facebook’s record of missteps in this area. As Home rips through through your communication, location, social activity looking for better ways to deliver its goodies, so to is it mining every aspect to offer up relevant, contextual advertising. And this might not be advertising off to the right hand-side of a page or drip-feed into your newsfeed. Quite possibly, given Home’s ambitions, these ads might find their place right up their. On the front of your mobile. Every time you wake it up. The Verge asks “but what if your friends are ugly?” Good point. But also: I’m not sure if you’ve ever seen any ugly Facebook ads or not.. Oh hang on, yes I am sure.  Here are a few that might welcome you next time you whip out your most personal of devices:



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