New job posting: Royals Developer

You’re a creator of things. You skilfully shape bits and pixels into beautifully simple things that your users just love.

You apply your craft across web, mobile, front-end, back-end, whatever it takes. You can set up a home for your code on a laptop, a virtual machine or in the cloud. You’re just a full stack kind of guy or gal.

You’re a polyglot programmer. You know a few languages really well through real world experience and are constantly experimenting. You probably have a few hobby projects to talk about. Your toolkit includes JVM languages, Javascript and node.js, a couple of flavours of MVC, and lots lots more.

You know your way around MongoDB and Redis or maybe you’re on the Riak train, either way, you understand that there is more to data than just SQL.

For you agile is not a process, its just how things get done the right way. You can’t imagine not writing tests for your code or not having automated build and deploy scripts in place. Those were the old days.

You’re an influencer. You can make sound recommendations, sketch out architectures, and step up when leadership is needed.

If this sounds like you and you’re keen to work with a mob of like-minded people in an upstart Melbourne agency, let us know at

Welcome to The Royals.

Welcome new Royal: Stephen Justice

We’re excited to announce Stephen Justice’s arrival. Stephen will be working with us on coming up with all sorts of ideas for our clients and writing lots of great words. He’s been an award-winning writer for a bunch of top agencies here and overseas and even has his work in the National film and sound archive and the National library of Victoria.

He also has a video on Youtube called “Funny Looking Cat” that has more than a million views.

Here’s a photo of Stephen applying for a job in the UK in disguise (long story):


Welcome, Justice!