Teach For Australia identified the need for a new website that would provide meaningful connections to all key markets, providing them with reasons to engage as well as effectively communicate the urgency of their mission.

The site needed to provide the user with a sense of action, movement and dynamism, reflecting the organisation’s activity in the community, schools and the political arena, all aimed at reducing educational inequity in Australia.

We started the process with a series of stakeholder workshops where we identified key business and marketing objectives. From here we developed a collection of user profiles, identifying their needs, actions and ultimately user journeys. This led us to a thorough and extensive list of site functions, which we prioritised and developed further, into a detailed functional specification document.

From a design perspective, we created moodboards which reflected the organisation’s key attributes of; movement, action, urgency and leadership.

The resultant design provided not only clear user paths but also a multifaceted and textured layer to the core functionality that sat beneath it.

The website launched in April of this year to great acclaim due to its engaging design, user friendly navigation and fresh content approach, which is reflected in the site data indicating an increase in new visits, page views and general site enquiries.


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