Whilst awareness of Penfolds was high, Treasury Wine Estates were struggling to connect the brand with a new generation of affluent drinkers. Through a unique partnership with London design firm Studio Toogood, Penfolds created an ambitious temporary design installation and wine bar in Sydney: THE BLOCKS.

The Royals created a uniquely social, multi-channelled approach to generate buzz, awareness and engagement with the Penfolds Blocks experience. We designed and launched Penfolds Blocks Twitter and Facebook profiles, produced content to increase interaction and propensity to visit. In conjunction with a strategic paid-media solution, 24.5m impressions were gained including 125k impressions of page posts.

To complement this activity The Royals identified and personally outreached to over 80 key Sydney bloggers across all major interest groups, inviting and liaising with them at the launch party – this hugely successful campaign element resulted in 47 pieces of positive coverage and a total editorial reach of 3.62m!

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