Ardmona discovered that consumers didn’t realize that their “Rich & Thick” range contained tomatoes as well as tomato paste and therefore weren’t prepared to pay the price premium when compared to competitor’s tomato only products.

In an effort to explain this while drive more active consumer engagement and participation, we came up with the idea of the ‘Ardmona Book of Better Ways’ – a compendium of clever kitchen techniques to help bring out the best in aspiring cooks. This idea helped reinforce the brand positioning of Ardmona as ‘the cook’s companion’ whilst at the same time complimenting the more rationale executions that simply explained the tomatoes plus paste proposition.  Because we knew that main grocery buyers loved to discuss cooking in all forms of social media, The Ardmona Book of Better Ways was housed within a Facebook application in an effort to drive ongoing consumer engagement and maximise campaign reach. Digital banners were also created to create awareness and interest, clicking through to the app and info portal.

The campaign launched in June, and just 8 weeks to the 6-month campaign, the Facebook page has gone from roughly 130 fans to a fan base of more than 3,500. Facebook also reports a weekly reach of over 250,000 per week, and rising as more fans come onboard. There have also been over 60 comments made on the book and individual tips, so engagement level is relatively good given the target audience. On the display media front, most pieces of creative are over-performing comparative to industry standards – as an example – the half page banner regularly reports a CTR of over 1.11%. We’ll update results upon conclusion of the campaign.


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