New creative position at The Royals (UPDATE: position filled)

Hello Creative Lead.

We’ve been waiting for you.
We are a mob of like-minded creative people who love technology and culture and the potency they have when mixed.
We love ideas and need more people to create them.
You are possibly a bit odd.
You don’t fit in at traditional agencies.
You have a passion for solving problems and creating problems.
You want to tell stories that have people leaning in. You want to mash some things and finesse others.
You want to mutate the expected and challenge the norm.
You get that everything is digital.

Copywriter, Creative technologist, Designer or Artist – we don’t mind – all that matters is we have been waiting for you.
You’ll probably have 5 or more years of experience at something and be keen to work in Melbourne.

Please write to:

UPDATE: This postions has now been filled. Thanks so much to everyone that applied. We really appreciate the time you took to make contact. Anyone else: please feel free to shoot through your details if you’d like us to consider you for upcoming membership opportunities. Cheers.


Whilst awareness of Penfolds was high, Treasury Wine Estates were struggling to connect the brand with a new generation of affluent drinkers. Through a unique partnership with London design firm Studio Toogood, Penfolds created an ambitious temporary design installation and wine bar in Sydney: THE BLOCKS.

The Royals created a uniquely social, multi-channelled approach to generate buzz, awareness and engagement with the Penfolds Blocks experience. We designed and launched Penfolds Blocks Twitter and Facebook profiles, produced content to increase interaction and propensity to visit. In conjunction with a strategic paid-media solution, 24.5m impressions were gained including 125k impressions of page posts.

To complement this activity The Royals identified and personally outreached to over 80 key Sydney bloggers across all major interest groups, inviting and liaising with them at the launch party – this hugely successful campaign element resulted in 47 pieces of positive coverage and a total editorial reach of 3.62m!


Ardmona discovered that consumers didn’t realize that their “Rich & Thick” range contained tomatoes as well as tomato paste and therefore weren’t prepared to pay the price premium when compared to competitor’s tomato only products.

In an effort to explain this while drive more active consumer engagement and participation, we came up with the idea of the ‘Ardmona Book of Better Ways’ – a compendium of clever kitchen techniques to help bring out the best in aspiring cooks. This idea helped reinforce the brand positioning of Ardmona as ‘the cook’s companion’ whilst at the same time complimenting the more rationale executions that simply explained the tomatoes plus paste proposition.  Because we knew that main grocery buyers loved to discuss cooking in all forms of social media, The Ardmona Book of Better Ways was housed within a Facebook application in an effort to drive ongoing consumer engagement and maximise campaign reach. Digital banners were also created to create awareness and interest, clicking through to the app and info portal.

The campaign launched in June, and just 8 weeks to the 6-month campaign, the Facebook page has gone from roughly 130 fans to a fan base of more than 3,500. Facebook also reports a weekly reach of over 250,000 per week, and rising as more fans come onboard. There have also been over 60 comments made on the book and individual tips, so engagement level is relatively good given the target audience. On the display media front, most pieces of creative are over-performing comparative to industry standards – as an example – the half page banner regularly reports a CTR of over 1.11%. We’ll update results upon conclusion of the campaign.


Mossimo Peep Show

How do you launch an underwear range in an overcrowded market, during a tough retail period? Well you could go back to basics and sex it up.. but also keep it super fun and a bit silly. And that’s exactly what we did with Mossimo in its latest campaign, Peep Show!

We created a spunky visual interface, built a Facebook app and invited Miss Universe Australia, Scherri Lee Biggs, over to Steve’s house to pose in front of his seedy curtains. In the Facebook app users could upload pics of themselves, apply a fun animation and share their peep with friends. And of course with any competition, you need prizes, so we gave away undies for a year to 8 lucky winners and then there was the overall prize (a fancy video camera) based on most votes by other users and fans. And of course, due to all of this activity, the campaign took off and we noticed a 400% increase in app activity! This was a really fun project with a great client (thanks Leanne!). You can still check out the jocks n things at


Teach For Australia

Teach For Australia identified the need for a new website that would provide meaningful connections to all key markets, providing them with reasons to engage as well as effectively communicate the urgency of their mission.

The site needed to provide the user with a sense of action, movement and dynamism, reflecting the organisation’s activity in the community, schools and the political arena, all aimed at reducing educational inequity in Australia.

We started the process with a series of stakeholder workshops where we identified key business and marketing objectives. From here we developed a collection of user profiles, identifying their needs, actions and ultimately user journeys. This led us to a thorough and extensive list of site functions, which we prioritised and developed further, into a detailed functional specification document.

From a design perspective, we created moodboards which reflected the organisation’s key attributes of; movement, action, urgency and leadership.

The resultant design provided not only clear user paths but also a multifaceted and textured layer to the core functionality that sat beneath it.

The website launched in April of this year to great acclaim due to its engaging design, user friendly navigation and fresh content approach, which is reflected in the site data indicating an increase in new visits, page views and general site enquiries.