PWN Gum for gamers

The Royals are proud to announce the release of our much-vaunted gum for gamers: PWN Gum! This is a product collaboration where we’ve been involved in market definition, brand creation, naming, positioning and design. There are various e-guerilla (is that a thing??) marketing initiatives coming up soon.

PWN Gum aims to increase your attention levels and reaction time, and give you that hit of energy quickly when you need it. We’ve had a fantastic reaction from people who’ve tried it at LAN centres, in bars and in home gaming sessions. The gaming market is only getting bigger and there will be more and more products coming up that address its particular needs. But for now, it’s about chewing and gaming better!

Order it today:


Sand Hill Road meets The Royals

You may have heard of The Bridge Hotel and you may have recently eaten at The Richmond Club Hotel, but did you know that both are owned by The Sand Hill Road Group? Actually, they own a bunch of pubs, all very close to us which really can’t be a coincidence. The boys from Sand Hill Road were struggling to work out the best way to present their pubs online.

Enter The Royals.

The thought of combining internet expertise with pub experiences was too much to pass up. Check out the sites, go to one of the below, or all. Go nuts.

And Andy, our lovely client had this to say:

We’ve spent the past 11 years struggling with drawing together the various web presence demands of our five core businesses. Working with The Royals happily spells an end to that struggle. Pure and simple, they were awesome. From initial consultations, through conceptual mock-ups, to proofing, testing and launching our new series of websites, they were fast, creative and able to deliver results way beyond expectation. Thanks to the entire team – we’re looking forward to the many more projects that lie ahead. Andy Mullins – Director.

(Big ups to Ken, Pan and the team. Top stuff.)

CommBank Treat Tree

Here are a couple of shots of a recent art project we did for CommBank. The Treat Tree happily dispensed lollypops to delighted patrons of the Flix in The Stix events throughout NSW over a six week period. The tree really hit the sweet spot (oh yeah..!) and will be soon coming home to Melbourne. Thanks to the brilliant Adam Goodrum for his magnificent handiwork!

CBA Treat Tree Outdoors

CBA Treat Tree Indoors

CBA Treat Tree Indoors

CBA Treat Tree Indoors

A Pier For The People

Melbourne’s original Princes Pier was built more than 90 years ago and is one of the city’s most important waterfront locations, having played a key role in Australia’s wartime history, particularly as the first landing point in Australia for thousands of post-war migrants.

Along with a new promenade and restored gatehouse, Major Projects Victoria needed a way to bring the history of the pier to life for locals and tourists alike.

Keeping in mind the significant heritage and historic feel of the pier, The Royals designed and developed an interactive touch-screen kiosk which allowed users, young and old, to engage with the pier’s historic content, from video to text and images.

The kiosk has been deemed a huge success by all who visit it and has added a whole new dimension to the now revitalized landmark, ensuring that the memories and stories from years gone by are restored and retained for generations to come.
Princes Pier Kiosk