What’s in a name?

We seriously appreciate the extra website traffic we’re receiving thanks to the recent visit of the Queen. But while it’s great to have her in town, we probably should make it clear that we are not associated with her or her family. Look: they’re not bad people but to be honest we have little in common (apart from maybe an appreciation of small animals and an ongoing desire to mess with the psychological stability of family members).

But people often ask us about the origins of our company name, The Royals, so here are a few influences that drew us to it a few years ago, and again in its recent relaunched incarnation…

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Slade knitwear sign

In today’s Melbourne Magazine in “The Age”, there’s an article on the city’s best neon: including the monster on the top of our new office. We kinda figure if The Royals grows over the next few years, we might just change our name to Slade Knitwear..




We’re very happy to be working with Moneytribe on a cracking new idea from some very savvy and successful entrepreneurs. Imagine you could see, at glance, the mood of people like you who have the same financial products as you. Or perhaps you’d like to see what insurance or mortgage those really happy people over there have. Or, heaven forbid, maybe you’d like to see if you’re paying more than the next bloke for exactly the same thing. If you have pockets, and a phone in one of those pockets, this is all about to get really interesting..