I love making stuff

For as long as I can remember I’ve always liked making stuff. The stuff I’ve liked making most is the stuff that does something, functional stuff, solve a problem kinda stuff. I’m sure growing up on a dairy farm had some kind of impact on me, in this regard. Farmers are always making stuff to solve a problem or to make life that little bit easier. It’s extraordinary what you can do with a piece of four by two and some bailing twine.

It must have been amazing to be a ‘making stuff ’sort of person in the era when lots of problems were being solved for the first time. The automobile, shoe polish, the thermometer or stilts. An era where products were products and there was no need for fancy brands or fancy brand ads. But it wasn’t long before someone else came up with another shoe polish and all of a sudden we needed brand advertising like the “Chunder Loo of Akim Foo” campaign of 1908. Which shoe polish was the best? Which shoe polish did Churchill use? Which shoe polish had a memorable character in it’s ads?

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The New Royals

New Royals partners

This just in: The Royals are ecstatic about the arrival of Nick Cummins, Steve O’Farrell and Andrew Siwka. The lads are joining The Royals’ founder Dave King in a move that we hope will bring a killer combination of creative, digital and product development capability to the Australian marketplace. We’ve got some really interesting projects bubbling away and we’re moving into some great new digs soon too.

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(Note: any ‘boy band’ related comments on the above photo will be gratefully acknowledged.)