Merry Christmas from the Royals (updated)

Gifty the Christmas Panda has been preparing for Christmas. He’s worn out, and needs your help to get a bit of colour back into him (grab the PDF)
He’d love it if you could use your pencils and textas to spruce him up a little. Once coloured in and nicely folded, set him free in your home, or use him to liven up your Christmas tree, kid’s toy-box, dog’s kennel…you get the idea.

We’re keen to see how Gifty enjoys his Christmas so if you snap a picture of him all made up, and then email it to us at we’ll donate $2 to the Smith Family Christmas Appeal.

Thanks and have a super festive season!

We Royals.

UPDATE: A couple of Giftys coming in!

Royals project: Mercedes-Benz Australia

We’re very happy to be surging through a really interesting strategic/social/creative project for Mercedes-Benz Australia. The guys there have presented us with a great brief that suggests we boldly go into new territories for one of their brands. So we will. We’ll be posting updates here as we’re they come to hand.. exciting times!