A Night with the Homies

A Night with the Homies’ was Compton Cricket Club’s (CCC) first fundraising dinner, which aimed to raise the remaining funds for their Australian 2011 tour. We’ve been busy helping them out with a website – http://cricketouttacompton.com.au/ – and some other creative ideas. Two Royals’ ambassadors joined in the festivities where we were wined, dined and entertained by members of the team and other great legends of the game. The night was packed with inspiring speeches, insightful commentary, and topped off with a performance by the homies. But the event also highlighted why we were all really there, focusing on the impact that the sport has brought to their lives. Sergeo Pinales and Ted Hayes showed great bravery in sharing some of their personal stories and tragedies with us but always with humility, pride and hope for a better future for the team and wider community. It shed a whole new light on a sport that we associate with celebrity, fame and the odd Bingle. The night ended on a high with all guests cheering as one “CRRIIICKEEEETTT”. Continue reading