The Guardian according to Gyford

UK-based creative technologist, Phil Gyford, has neatly interrogated the Guardian’s API to create a stripped back version of what an online news experience could be like: Today’s Guardian. The readability is enhanced by a layout which is quite similar to that achieved by hitting Safari’s new Reader button, and a sense of ‘completion’ (or percentage thereof) is shown by Tufte’s Sparklines at the top. Of course it lacks colour and movement, but who’s missing that?

Needless to say, this fits nicely into an iPad’s ideal column reading width. Phil hasn’t thrown in swiping yet but the one touch on the left and right columns make it pretty zippy on the pad anyway. This kind of site isn’t going to suit everyone – but it is going to suit a hell of a lot of people I expect.

More commentary from the designer the rationale here: Today’s Guardian (Phil Gyford’s website)

State of Design Digital Panel: July 22

Good friend of the Royals, Lou Weis, has invited me to be on panel at the upcoming State of Design Festival. The event at ACMI will look at how cities, organizations and companies can develop and articulate their digital strategies. It will also feature Dan Hill and Sam Davey so it should be a stimulating hoot. We’ll probably gather somewhere afterwards so let me know if you’ll be coming along.