Microsoft Courier: the creative professional’s ultimate companion

Image credit: Engadget.

If you’d asked most people five years ago about which company would the best positioned to create a Moleskin-like digital notebook, we all probably would have said Apple. The iPad is a very interesting device, and will sell like hotcakes, but one thing it severely lacks is notetaking, scrapbooking and concepting applications. While Keynote in iWork is pretty good for getting words and images into slides, Microsoft’s Courier slate looks like it intends to take this to a whole new level (if the concept videos via the link below are to be believed).

It could be a turning point for how we perceive Microsoft vs. Apple. Surely MS has always been the company that pushes content to people, and Apple has been about creating it (although the boundaries have long since become blurry). The iPad is well-geared towards consumption – reading, web surfing, watching videos. The Courier seems is like a right-brained version of Office where the focus is on capturing creative influences, grouping and sorting them and getting things done. And the Moleskin reference above is not by chance – you can literally feel the er.. homage.. that Microsoft have offered to the much revered notebooks. It’s also interesting that this product is based on the Zune/Windows Mobile 7 OS – this really could represent a revitalisation for Microsoft if it continues to deliver products and services like the Zune and Xbox Live.

Of course with the depth and breadth of Apples application development community, it’s quite possible that a company or two will come up with the ultimate creative scrapbooking journal for the iPad. But it really does look like nothing that’s graced the iPhone or been announced for the iPad thus far (eg.. Evernote is good and functional but…)

Check the videos from Engadget, and hope that this is representitive of the final product in Q3/Q4 this year:

Engaget’s Microsoft Courier article including images and videos