Hey, ACF

We were very happy to meet the guys from ACF last week and welcome them as a client Royal. Top people on an (admittedly challenging) important mission. Chants around the studio now include “three-fitty, three-fitty..”. Fingers crossed for productive outcomes in Copenhagen in December.

Fitness First Social Media Strategy

Witness the Fitness!

We’re enjoying working with a client well-versed in how social media should work for brands. Obviously when a company offers a service that is intrinsic to people’s lifestyle and well-being, it’s going to be talked about online and off. Our strategic paper and recommendations are looking at:

What’s happening.
How to listen.
How to capture what you’ve heard.
How to intervene with respect.
How to harness the consumer evangelists in the audience.
How to evolve your offering and online experience as a result of all this activity.

… and more. Good to see another successful company migrating parts of their customer care and marketing focus to the online conversation (and it’s nice to be able to help them do it!).