Behavioural signatures (or “Hey you, meet you!”)

I remember reading about a Skydeck a couple of years ago and thinking that was the first time I’d seen a startup focus on making your mobile behaviour actually useful to you. The feature that appealed to me was how Skydeck looked at patterns in your calling and texting so that you could more easily compare phone plans that matched your usage. When you think about data aggregation of this type, normally there’s some kind of targeted advertising or relevance company hovering about ready to push you even better ads. But the notion of services that look at what you’re doing and actually offer an insight that benefits you is quite appealing (and taking off).
Ever wondered How the internet sees you ? Let Personas characterise you for you.

Or perhaps you’d like a deeper dive into your own musical tastes via a personality survey? Signal Patterns asks a lot more questions than or Pandora although the jury’s out on whether implicit or explicit personalisation is more effective in this field.

And of course, Feltron has begun capitlising on the world’s obsession with infographics by extending his habit of visually mapping his everyday behaviour into a service.

But back to your mobile, think about how much it knows about it you. Where you go, who you text, whose calls you most often ignore etc. In fact, if you really want to know who your friends are, maybe you should look in your pants.

Digital introspection is on the up and up.