The Royals in The Melbourne Design Guide

The second edition of The Melbourne Design Guide is now available. It’s an incredibly interesting, inspirational and useful publication. We’re honoured to be listed and thrilled to have words like ‘multimedia’, ‘ICT’ and ‘satellite’ in our paragraph to denote just how hip ‘n’ digital we are (the team is coding our next CD-Rom in Logo as I type this).

Anyway, it’s comprised of two parts: Learn (a directory of service-based companies) and Explore (stuff the public can go and see and buy). It’s a great resource and shows the incredible breadth of different types of creative practitioners we have in this city. Worth grabbing.

Augmented reality business cards

Inspired by this absolute legend, developer James Alliban whipped up a AR/Papervision combo business card that offers more content than a normal card can handle.

It would be cool to create a number of different videos/URLs to go on batches of cards that reflect the situation that you gave them out in eg. meeting, conference, golf course, pub. Or different content depending on how you thought the meeting went (“I’m normally spritely and intelligent like this! You just happened to catch me on a bad day..”).

Moving right along..

It’s exciting times for us as a the collective is growing and consolidating into a new Chapel St-based space in the coming 2 Weeks. This new creative grotto will feature some really interesting digital, creative, coding and strategic practitioners from different backgrounds. Personal profiles, space pics and an event soon :)

Project-wise, we’re developing a creative community for one of Australia’s most prominent brands, collaborating with Disciple on an art/food/model initiative (!) and working on branded content for the distribution of a treasure-trove of long lost couture :). Additionally, we’re continuing to work with the country’s pre-eminent online publisher to provide creative solutions and killer insights. On the side we’ve popped up an image-inspiration area like, um, the real one, for us to share our fancies amongst ourselves.

On the external watch-list: these guys are a constant inspiration in their both talking and doing, DEE has moved to Melbourne and is starting to shake it up and Fusion Garage is close to polishing off their pre-Chrome OS vision for Mike.