Emmanuel Dakis: New Media Star

When the Satorialist hit Melbourne on the weekend, the fashionistas waited with baited breath to see where he would surface. Gertrude St? Brunswick St? Racecourse Rd?.. nope, Chapel St. Much to the chagrin of many of the site’s commenters, Scott Schuman headed down to Windsor to see what he could see. What he found was  Mr. Emmanuel Dakis, Tailor. Locals will recognise Mr. Dakis from his wood panelled shop, his suits measured in degrees of dapper and his welcoming smile. We popped into the shop at lunchtime and thought we’d show him the photo on front of the Satorialist’s blog in case he hadn’t seen it. He hadn’t, and in fact, didn’t really know what the Satorialist was or where the photos were going to end up after Scott took them.

When we showed Mr Dakis to himself on my mobile, he nodded approvingly and began to tell us about the featured jacket. When his daughter came out from the back of the shop, she asked us what the site was about and we took her through it. I mentioned that the site has 120,000 people look at it every day and more than 3 million each month. Mr. Dakis smiled as his daughter translated this but only in way that suggested this was the audience him and his craft rightly deserved.

Just as Tourism Australia will fund the Satorialist’s trip to Oz to leverage his online influence, so too should the photographer’s subjects benefit from being content for a day. So here’s to you, Emmanual Dakis – tailor of 40 years experience for ladies and gents, invisible mending, leather work, alterations & repairs – and Chapel St, Windsor’s latest new media star!


We’re currently doing some work with InFrame.TV, an arts, design and culture video site. The talented and delightful Matt Hopper creates really interesting profile pieces around local talent that explore the creative process. They’re great short docos that are beginning to get global interest. Check out the feature on Ghost Patrol, a very likable Melbourne-based street artist:

Also look for taxidermists, botanists and collectors in InFrame’s swag of flicks.

Black Cab Sessions

I suspect I’m a bit late onto this but the Black Cab Sessions site is a really neat idea, perfectly executed. Raw, up close performances. No Pro Tools or auto tuning here.

The above pic is from Martha Wainright’s performance (which includes the lyric that titled her last album – “I know you’re married but I’ve got feelings too”). Also on the site are The Cool Kids, Fleet Foxes and Bon Iver.

AND Brian Wilson (WATCH!).

Awesome: Black Cab Sessions

Bobba: Pocketsize Virtual World

From Sulake, the makers of Habbo Hotel, comes a mini virtual world designed (mainly) for phones. Apparently there were more than a million beta testers so it’s been run through its paces at scale. Once we get a persistent world that successfully blends microtransactions and mobile downtime, it could get addictive…

See more (and sign up) at Bobbo.com

modelfeed: not made up

We’ve just launched Modelfeed. Check it out, let me know what you think. My favourite posts so far are the oddly captivating eukele clip and the photo of Sarah Stephens holding the gun the security guard gave her (i use the term security with complete abandon).

From the press release:

Welcome to modelfeed. A new shared-communication concept, modelfeed is an independent collaborative blog by international models revealing their everyday experiences as they go about their sometimes glamorous, but always interesting lives. Modelfeed shares all the access, and all the details. New posts every day from each of the girls will offer new personal pics, video and blogs from wherever they are in the world; Paris one day, Parramatta the next.

New York-based Australian model Sarah Stephens was one of the first models to adopt modelfeed.
“The reason we love modelfeed is that it’s all true, warts and all, and what we’re really about. It’s
how we want people to see us, what we want to share, not how someone else wants us to be seen.”

Oh and there’s a modelfeed.mobi too if you want the models in your pocket.