I wonder why iTunes doesn’t have High Def Olympics highlights? You could slice and dice by sport, automatically downloaded to your phone/pod/AppleTV in Podcast form, hundreds of niche events that are hard to pick up in your region’s TV broadcast and have sponsorship already embedded in the streams.  ‘Liveness’ is paramount for sporting events but the on-demand/delay market for consumption is also massive and is really suitable for a range of devices and locations. Of course this is all to do with buying the digital and mobile rights, region-by-region but if the audience demand and install base is there to support the investment, I’d be surprised if this isn’t in place by 2012. In fact given where video consumption is going, I’d go as far as to say that if Apple and IOC can do the deal, iTunes could be a massive hub for distributing Olympic bits and bobs in this time frame. I hope so.

UPDATE: Someone did point out to me that the majority of the 7 billion people in the world in 2012 will still be glued to the TV. True and noted :)

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