This gave me shivers (in a good, kinda religious way). It’s an upcoming artwork from Luke Jerram:

“During our lifetime the majority of us experience the same mundane and life changing moments. Whether we’re cleaning our teeth, having our haircut or getting married, it’s these common experiences that help us to connect with one another. At any given time in each city, there are disconnected individuals and hidden communities living through the same life experience. First Breath reveals and makes visible one of these communities. In the city of Bristol (Pop 500,000) there are on average 11 babies born every day. First breath celebrates each new life with a searchlight projecting up into the nights sky. The lights are sited next to the homes of families where a new baby has just been born. Across the city vast ethereal towers of light will be seen touching the clouds. The lights will change location each day to the next set of homes, in preparation for the night’s declaration. Lasting for 2 weeks First breath is both private and personal experience as well a large scale public artwork.”

It would be quite moving to kick back on your verandah and watch as new life is welcomed to different parts of your city. I’ve never looked at the city like that. This is the kind of thing you normally see as a KML layer on Google Maps or something, but it means so much more when it springs from the real Earth like this. Reminds me of that phrase “making the invisible visible”…

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