New media individuals are the emerging monetizable destinations of choice in the post-Mitchell dominated landscape. Can you supplement your property’s traffic with a blog about your newspaper? Maybe. But what about those people out there with an audience and a bunch of distribution mechanisms already built-in? If you’ve been blogging original comment and subjective opinion since day dot, chances are you’ve been read, followed, linked to, subscribed to, spidered and indexed for years. There’s a reason Scoble abandoned his Microserfdom for the media industry (hint: it’s not his lookalike physical form).

For a local example of this phenomenon, look no further than Ben Barren. If you’re Australian and at all interested in what’s what with blogging, RSS, social media, venture capital, enterprise 2.0 etc you will have stumbled across his missives at some stage. While other such commentators maintain a dry, higher-than-though position on emerging digitalia, BB peppers his presence with girls, cars, Melbourne FC and Kanye West.. just like any quality pop culture rag would do.

It’s worth decoding his Kerouac/McLuhan/Perez Hilton styling to apprise yourself of the story behind the blogosphere buzz. Go see.

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